Summer and Winter Camps

Summer and Winter Camps

Summer Camps

Going to summer camp is a quintessential Canadian experience. Canada is a diverse and expansive country, and an astounding range of summer camps reflects that same breadth in the innovative programs offered in varied and unique settings. Some argue that we are losing our connection to nature and it is imperative that we pass on that connection to the next generation of Canadians – and a good way to do that is through summer camp. Summer camps in Canada offer something for everyone—whether the goal is

  • High Adventure,
  • Wilderness Appreciation,
  • An artistic or educational pursuit,
  • Just plain fun.

Winter Camps

Winter break in Canada, which usually takes place over December and January, can be a great time for your child to unwind from school. They can also be a great time for you to get a break from the world

Here are some reasons why children should go to summer/winter camps.

  • Natural Self-Esteem
  • Children will be much more independent and Self-Reliant.
  • Expose children to people of all different backgrounds, Cultures, Ethnicities, Religions, and Races. They might hear new languages, learn new cultural practices, and try new foods and hear different types of music.
  • A fantastic way to make children more environmentally aware, and kinder to plants and animals!

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