Language school (ESL)

Language school (ESL)

Language school (ESL)

International students have many options when it comes to learning languages in Canada. You can take language courses that help prepare you to enter a Canadian university or college program.

When you come to Canada for language studies, you can expect:

  • A focused approach.
  • High-quality teaching that guarantees results.
  • To learn English or French, so you can study in Canada.

Canada’s language schools exist across the country.

When searching for the right language school for you or your child, look for language schools accredited by Languages Canada. This accreditation means the schools follow internationally recognized quality assurance standards. Languages Canada has a directory of more than 225 language schools across Canada.

The Languages Canada accreditation is based on the:

  • Program of study (curriculum)
  • Student admissions

The types of programs that language schools offer include:

  • Test preparation (CAEL, IELTS or TOEFL)
  • Summer camps
  • Language instruction to prepare for college or university
  • Teacher training programs (CELTA, TESL, TESOL)

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