Get the best and transparent advice

CEIBC assists and guides students to have sufficient technical knowledge and experience in choosing the best career path as per their skills and talents. Our professionals offer free and confidential sessions to students and parents so that students are able to understand their talents and the fields which suits them best.

Choose wisely and choose right!

There are a large number of courses offered by various Canadian universities/Colleges with their subtle differences. CEIBC offers comprehensive assistance to students about offerings of a majority of universities/Colleges details which include the courses, duration, fee structure, benefits and eligibility criteria from different courses. They have years of experience which gives them the confidence to help students in realizing their dreams by selecting the most appropriate course that would suit them.

To ensure that we accurately advise on the best country, university, course & its educational opportunities, our Counsellors conduct a comprehensive profiling exercise.


Based on student’s academic qualifications, career goals, interests, financial status and work experience, we assign an expert & a highly professional counsellor to help students choose the right course, college & University that addresses aspirations and goals.

Clearing Pre-requisites 

Standardized tests like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT), Education Documents, Passport details, other Necessary documents are reviewed for admission in the best colleges & universities by our expert counsellors.

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